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Principle of Operation
Our Rotary Twin Lobe Compressor / Roots Blower is a positive displacement and constant volume machine that works effectively against variable pressure. Two - shaped impellers are mounted on parallel shafts, revolve in opposite direction, and with every revolution a definite volume of air is trapped & carried across the housing to the compressor outlet, where the air is discharged. With continual speed operation, the displaced amount is basically the same at a constant pressure, barometric pressure or temperature. With the increasing speed of the compressor against a constant pressure, the volume of air delivery is also increases. The helical timing gears control the relational position of the impellers and maintain a definite clearances. This ensures operation without the lubrication requirement inside the air casing.


At Beta blower, we believe that persistency in  improvement in all spheres is the key to maintain  a successful position in the aggressive competition services of todays' market. We have refined our air  blowers to cater for standard air or natural gas  applications as well as blowers used for handling hazardous and explosive gases. We also offer a  wide range of twin lobe blowers and tri lobe  blowers that cater to these industrial processes.  Beta Blower is manufacturing quality blowers at  competitive price that is the most desirable tool to custome sustain in highly competitive era. Our blower designs are generated through elaborate research and development on CAD/CAM software to lend precision to every product line. Being an Betar ISO 9001:2015 certified quality producer, we  endeavour to maintain its competitiveness, efficiency and energy saving factors at all cost.

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